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✔ Best & Most Experienced Psychologist 
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Manastha Offers the best online Psychologists in the World

✔ Longer Sessions - 60 Mins

Per Session Duration – 60 Mins

Longer Sessions to Facilitate Deeper Communication & Better Connection

The therapist will be assigned within 16-36 hrs.

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Mutually Fix the Session with your therapist as per the convenience. 

 Different Time Zone Management

You can choose Whatsapp, Skype, Botim or any other preferred application for easy communication.

✔ Insight + Solution Oriented

CBT, DBT, ACT, REBT, Mindfulness-based Therapies, CFT, Gestalt, Humanistic, Existential, Psychodynamic, Hypnotherapy, etc.

Deeper Approaches to Heal the Root Cause.

Cross-Cultural Psychology


✔ Package Prices

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 ₹1199 ( ~ $17 )

Package Include 

Personalized Manuals to Facilitate Full Understanding & Inner Growth

✔Books, Guided Meditations or Mindfulness Tools will be shared.



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✔ Certified Psychologist

✔ Highly Trained & Certified Psychologist
500+ Cases Healed

 Empathetic Listener & Solution Oriented

Manastha doesn't just Hire Psychologists, We Train them first. Training is necessary for all professionals. Quality is never compromised.

✔ Per Session - 40 Mins

Per Session Duration – 40 Mins

Express yourself in a Non-Judgemental Environment.

Confidential & Private

The therapist will be assigned within 48-72 hrs after your registration.

✔ Schedule As Per Psychologist

 The therapist will fix your session Schedule in most cases.

 Usual Working time 11 am-7 pm IST

You can choose Whatsapp and Skype

 In Some Cases, the Therapist will give you a convenient time as per your need. It depends upon the time availability.

✔ Solution Oriented

 Solution-Oriented Psychotherapies

✔ Counselling & Guidance

✔ Package Prices

Starting @

 Rs. 699 ( ~10 USD )

Package Include 

✔Basic Tools to Foster Understanding and Growth.

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I found after reading lots of positive review about the best website . I am happy to have invested my valuable money at the right place. I assure that Manastha gives quality help on depression and relationship issues. I was assigned the best head therapist. He gets down to my deep core fears and addresses them in an understanding, empathetic manner. He has helped me through a very difficult time and has given very valuable, practical advice time and time again. He helps me find many solutions to one problem so that I can grow smoothly to my better self. I am grateful to know that I have his emotional and mental support.

Gayathri ( taking online Counselling on issues concerning depression, relationship issues, family conflicts, and intimacy-related issues )

Opted for Prime Harmony Package ( Audio Calls )


Initially I was sceptical about online counselling but I gave it go and was really surprised to know that It can actually help you in so many wonderful ways. I was lucky to have a great head therapist. He created a wonderfully calm, healing space where I felt safe to open up about things that I would be embarrassed to share with others. There is no judgment at all, instead he provides much-appreciated compassion followed by guidance. He is able to identify the root of my issues and exercises I can do to address them. I sometimes feel low again , but he motivates me to put me on the right track every single time. Having someone who won’t judge you is truly helpful.

R.G. (Took online counselling on issues concerning stress, anxiety, confidence issues, negative thinking , obsessive thoughts.)

Opted for Prime Harmony Package ( 7 Video Calls )


This is my first time using an online counselling platform and I couldn’t be more glad that I took this decision to improve my mental and emotional health. The interactions with my therapist have been positive and deep. Since I started using this therapy, my husband and I have signed up for online marriage counselling together which is going very well. Even He became happy to see my progress and joined with me on . I have recommended this platform to many people and they really liked the help and services.

Anonymous (took online counselling on issues concerning relationship issues, marriage counselling and Other life issues.)

Opted for Essential Healing Package (7 Audio Calls)


I am grateful to my therapist and Manastha for all the emergency help given to me when I needed it the most. My therapist is very thoughtful, honest, insightful. She is really helpful in relaxing my stressful mind and emotions. This is coming from a person who never wanted to do counselling and just “knew” I didn’t need it. She is very reliable and supportive, and asks great questions with what seem to be very effective suggestions and recommendations.

Anonymous (took online counselling on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, sleeping disorder, self- esteem, and career difficulties.)

Opted for Prime Awakening Package (4 Video Calls )

 5/5 helped me finding the suitable therapist for my situations, I have taken therapy from other platforms but haven’t find them this much useful. I appreciate the quality of their services. My therapist is really good. She takes her time to actually listen and give advice when necessary. She is very professional in her manner and attitude, but is open to speaking very casually too. I really recommend her to those who need someone to help listen/ organise their thoughts, assist them in tracking goals, or need a little push to get through their week. Worth the money.

Pankaj Kumar (took Online counselling on issues concerning stress, anxiety , overthinking, obsession and compulsions, self- esteem issues, confidence issues.)

Opted for Essential Package (4 Audio Calls)

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