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Psychology Internship for Students

 ✓ 2 Months Internship under an Experienced Psychologist & Expert Counsellor.

 ✓ Focussed on Counselling & Therapy Knowledge & Skills

✓ Best Internship In Counselling & Psychotherapy in India

 ✓ Online & Offline Mode of Internship

 ✓ Individual Sessions + Group Sessions with the Mentor to foster deeper learnings

 ✓Get the Certificate of Internship

✓ Get Practical Tools and Experience.

 Only Students doing Bachelors or Masters in Psychology can Apply.

Fees – Rs. 5999


Certified Training for Psychology Professionals

 ✓ 45 Days of Intense Training & Mentoring Program. ( 45 sessions with the Mentor )

✓ This Training is necessary to Work as an online Psychologist & Counsellor in Manastha

 ✓ Get Trained from the Best Psychologists and Counsellors.

  ✓ Deal with Real-Life cases to develop Your Counselling Skills.

✓ Online & Offline Mode of Training

 * Min. Requirement – Completed Masters in Psychology

Step 1 – Submit the Google Form Below

Step 2 – Only Selected Candidates should pay for the Training Program. We won’t take any random applications.

Work as a Psychologist & Counsellor

 ✓ Get the Opportunity to work in the best online counselling and Emotional Support Platform.

You must complete 45 days of TRAINING PROGRAM (Evaluation Period) before starting your Job.

Step 1 – Submit the Google Form Below

Step 2 – Once You are Selected, Pay for the Training Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Certified Training is Paid ?

You will be getting immense exposure to deal with real life cases. You will be directly mentored by the Experienced and Qualified Psychologist and Therapist. In Brief, You shall be getting following benefits :
1. Guidance & Mentoring Sessions from the Expert.

2. Highly Valuable Certification for the Training.

3. Counselling sessions from the master therapists to enhance your own counselling skills.

4. You will be given Real-life Cases and exposure to enhance your counselling skills.

5. Tools to enhance your knowledge and practical understanding.

6. Real-time mentoring from your assigned therapist.

I am Doing Bachelors in Psychology, Can I opt for Internship Program ?

Yes, You can opt for the Internship program. It will be of 1 month and the registration fees for the same is ₹3999. ( ₹5999 for Two Months)
Students Doing Master’s in Psychology can also opt for the Internship Program. The Curriculum of Bachelor’s and Master’s Students will be different from each other.
Please note that You can extend the time period of your internship depending upon your need and requirement. Usually, We provide the internship for 1-6 months. Contact us to know more.

I Wish to Join Manastha as a Counsellor/Psychologist. What Should I do ?

You must do our Certified Training Program prior to join as a psychotherapist or Counsellor in Manastha. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or don’t have, it is mandatory for everyone seeking to work with Manastha. It’s important for enhancing the Quality of Our Services.

Why Certified Training is necessary before applying for a Job in Manastha ?

 We are the best online counselling and Emotional Support Platform and Our mission is to provide quality services to the people who are seeking services from us. Training will ensure few important things :
1. It will make you aware about how online counselling works. Challenges faced in online counselling is different from the offline mode.

2. Will give you enough exposure to work confidently with all kinds of clients.  It will increase your experience and confidence.

3. Mentors will help you to grow and break your present limitations.

4. It will enhance your skills and will give you different perspectives to become a better counsellor.

5. We don’t just hire individuals, We train them first and ensure that they are the best one for our clients.

*Doing Training won’t assure you the Job but it will increase your chances for the same. You must be sure that you are best fit for the online counselling and can excel in the same



What is the Refund Policy for Internship/Training programs ?

There is no refund for any programs. 

The only thing that can be considered is we can change your assigned mentor if you are facing some genuine problems. Manastha holds the right to cancel your subscription if we find you breaking any terms and conditions of the company.

The Manastha training program has been the most beautiful and valuable period till now. For me, every day was a new experience to learn and grow in life. I learned about different ways and opportunities to improve myself and contribute to the field. I feel this internal education and training is essential for every person who wishes to serve mankind. I am really grateful to my mentor ( Mr. AdityaSingh ) and the entire team for guiding, empowering and providing life-changing aspects, with an opportunity to connect and help people in reclaiming their inner harmony. I am healing all my clients successfully and every day becoming a better therapist

Jyotika Kapoor

Masters in Psychology , Delhi University

I completed my training program in Manastha. I have completed my Masters in Psychology from IGNOU and was looking forward to enhance my counselling skills. I was very lucky to be assigned a best mentor and was given immense knowledge about the counselling basics and its practicality. I was learning lots of things in the beginnings and then I started taking real sessions which enhanced my skills to another level.  I was appreciated by my clients and all thanks to Manastha for giving me the most needed opportunity and platform. I am looking forward to be a part of Manastha as a full time professional psychologist.

Shargun Bhatia

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