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Consult with the Counsellors Online and Take the counseling sessions. Mental Health Councelor for your emotional issues. Feel free to start your online counselling sessions. Talk to a counsellor over Chat, Phone Call/Video Call.

Trusted by 100K + Clients. Manastha is the best online counselling consultation platform in India.

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Breaking The Mental Health Stigma

Bringing the Experience of Clients who took online therapy and counselling from Manastha. Bring direct expression and spreading mental health awareness. Manastha is the Best Rated Online Counselling Platform in India. See the Reviews

Taking Online Counselling to Everyone

Listen from Clients Directly about our Top Councelors, Counsellors, Mental Health Counselors in India. We believe in quality and the best mental health services. Counselling for All. Top Online Psychologist and Psychiatrist Counselling Consultation.

  • Happy with Online Counselling Services 99% 99%
  • I am making progress because of Counselling 98% 98%
  • Recommendation for my Friends and Family 99% 99%
  • Satisfied with my Assigned Counsellor 100% 100%
  • 5 Star Rating for Counselling Sessions 99% 99%

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Prime Packages are our best offerings. Depending upon your requirement and need, Choose between the two types of packages. Do the payment and proceed.

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Once You do the payment, Fill the Form. We will forward your case to the best counsellor and You shall Receive an Acknowledgement soon.

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Consult Best Counsellors in India

Top Therapists, Counsellors, Mental Health Experts in India. See the List of Top Psychologists in India. Best Online Psychologist Consultation in India.

Certified & Experienced

Get the best online Therapy & Counseling Experience from the Verified Professionals. Top Online Counsellors  for your mental health.

Best Psychiatrists in India

Connect with top psychiatrist online. Get Psychiatric treatment online ( This service will start Soon. Presently only Psychologists are available).

We assign the best psychologist and counsellor as per your case. We Choose the best for you.

Best online Tele Counseling Consultation india

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We believe in Quality Mental Health Services. Trusted by 100K+ Healed Clients and the highest rated positive feedbacks, we are ready to provide the best Virtual Counselling to you. Get the Best Experience out of Psychotherapy and Counselling Sessions.

RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologists

Best Counselling Psychologists

Mental Health Therapists and Counsellors

Mind Coaches and Life Coaches

Manastha – Online Counselling Consultation

Best Online Counseling in India. Start top online Counselling sessions.

100+ Certified Counselors

Consult Top Online Clinical Counsellors and Counselling Councellors in India. We have registered Clinical Counselors and Certified Counselling Psychologists in our panel.

Best Online Mental Health Counselling Online

Best Online Counselling Helpline for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling, other mental health issues.

Best Online Therapy and Counselling Platform

Manastha is the Best Online therapy and counselling platform in India. Talk to A Counsellor online via Chat, Phone Call and Video Call. Choose the Best Online Counselling packages and start your Virtual Counselling consultation.

is The Most Preferred and Trusted

Online Counselling and therapy consultation Platform in India and the Globe

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Online Counselling Therapy

Consult Online Psychologist for Counselling Now

Book Your Counselling Sessions via BookNow Tab. Choose between prime and essential packages. You will get an acknowledgement from your therapist soon and you can mutually fix the counselling session at your convenience. Therapy sessions are live and not recorded. You can talk to a Psychologist via Chat/Phone Call/Video Call. Manastha provides the Best Online virtual and tele counselling Consultation in India.

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Best Online Psychological Counselling

Consult the Best Online Counsellors in India. Talk to Top Online Clinical Counsellors and take counselling sessions Consultation. Get Best Online Counselling Psychologist Consultation. Live Counselling Session with online Councelor.

Best Online Therapy and Counselling Platform where you can connect with Top Counsellors in India. We assure top Best Mental Health Counsellors. Certified and Verified Experts.

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How Can I find counsellors near me ?

Manastha will provide you the best counsellors near you. Consult our best online counselling website and start your mental health counselling sessions now. If you need a counsellor, we will help you to find the best.

How will Online tele counselling work ?

Online tele counselling & online Therapy is an opportunity for you to seek professional assistance where the therapist will help you identify your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that shape your life. This journey will help you improve yourself where the therapist will empower you with unconditional support and guidance to create and become capable of what you want in life. You just need to book your package and we will assign the best counsellor for your tele counselling sessions. Start your Virtual sessions now. They are live counselling sessions and not recorded sessions.

Where Can I find best virtual counselling in India ?

Manastha provides the best virtual counselling in India. Get the counsellor for depression, anxiety, mental health issues, love counsellor, psychologist for counselling. Consult with psychological counsellors for online psychological counselling in India. Consult best counselling psychologist near you.

What is an Online Counselling and therapy ?

It is a healing journey that allows the person to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions without being characterized or judged. It is the provision of professional assistance, unconditional support and guidance to help you become capable of overcoming your problems.

I need a counselling sesion for my mental health

You Can book your counselling session now at Manastha. You will be connected to the best psychologist for counselling. Consult with top psychological counsellors. We have the best counsellor for mental health issues.

Where can I find psychologist near me for counselling ?

You can find the best psychologist near you by connecting with Manastha online counselling website. We have the best counselling psychologist in India. Start your journey with the best counselling psychologist near you.

Who are the best counsellors in India?

Manastha has the best counsellors in India for the mental health issues. We have the team of best counselling psychologist in India. Connect with the best psychologist counsellor near you.

I want psychology counsellor near me ?

Find the best psychology counselor near you at Manastha. We have the team of best mental health counsellors for counselling. Start your counseling with top psychologist for counselling. Find the best counselor in Bangalore,Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata.

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We will choose the best Online Counsellor for You. You will be assigned the best psychologist as per your individual case and issues.

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Trusted by 100,000 Happy Clients, Manastha is the most positive rated therapy platform in India. See the reviews of the Healing Experiences.

Best Online Counselling and Therapy Consultation

Manastha provides the best online therapy and Counseling consultation in India and around the globe. Consult Online Psychologists, therapist, counsellors, mental health experts via chat, phone or video call. Best Online Psychologist consultation and Online Psychiatric Consultation.



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