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What To Expect Next?

Don’t Worry, Everything is taken care of. Please Read and follow the important guidelines to make the best out of therapy sessions.

1. Acknowledgement Text


Once You have registered for the therapy session. Wait for the acknowledgement text from your assigned therapist on your Whatsapp No. ( up to 1 hour for the Prime package (T&C apply) and up to 72 hours for Essential Package). You shall receive the same as per your package time period.

Sometimes, delay may happen due to unprecedented cases. We will do our best to assign you the therapist at the earliest. 

You don’t have to worry. You can kindly contact us at
If you are an existing client, you can directly text your present therapist to schedule your next sessions by providing them the acknowledgement.

2. Make the Best Out of Your Therapy

A. Always Text your Therapist to confirm your scheduled session. 

B. Always be in a comfortable space to talk with your therapist. 

C. Use earphones if possible.

D. Make sure your internet connection is working nicely. There should not be any lag in audio/video call.

E. It is your responsibility to schedule your further sessions with the therapist.

Always fix and confirm your sessions with your therapist.

F. Take care of your Validity. No sessions will be given once your package gets expired.

Client Results


People Opting for Therapy

More than 10k+ People per Month is coming to Manastha for the therapy. We are handling the most no. of clients in India presently.


Re-opts For Manastha

85% of the New Clients who come to Manastha re-opt for our therapy services. Most Quality Therapy Services.


Satisfaction Feedback

Manastha gives you the highest Satisfaction of the therapy services. This is the most in all the online counselling services.

We Believe in giving quality therapy services. We will try our best to match you with the best therapist and focus on wholistic goals.

Best Online Therapy Services – Manastha

What is Online Counselling and Therapy ?

Simply put, the best online counseling service is mental health counseling done through the Internet that provides therapy sessions using technology the best-certified expert. Professionals who offer online therapy in Manastha have hours of hands-on experience. It’s important to make sure that any provider you work with is a Certified Counselling Psychologist. And don’t worry all of our therapists are Certified Counselling Psychologist and provide the counseling services (in their areas of expertise) you deserve using our online therapy platform

I have found Manastha online therapy platform to be the best. All the things and steps are simple and easy. You can connect with your therapist and start your healing journey in the easiest way.


I am Glad to be taking therapy services from the best online counselling platform in India. I am looking forward to take therapy for the lifetime. My therapist is my mentor in real sense. I have experienced a total life-transformation in my life.

Mitul – Business Consultant

Manastha came in my life when I was at the lowest point. Now, I believe I am alive because of the therapy I took. I am inspiring others and helping my friends with my positivity. It seems I have found my life's purpose.

Priyanka – CA

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