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☑ Best Corporate Online Therapy Services in India.
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Manastha provides the best Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Therapist for online therapy and counselling consultation.


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Online therapy and best-in-class digital services for mental health and well-being.

Best Therapy Platform

Manastha is the best online counselling and therapy platform. We provide the best mental health services.

Care at your fingertips


Employees can directly start the therapy from the company page and book the therapy sessions. We make the personalized link for all the companies and personal profiles of the people who are taking the therapy.

Quality of Seminar/Webinar and Reviews

Best Mental Health Seminars/Webinars/Trainings for Corporates, Organizations, Institutions.

Best Mental Health Seminars/Webinars

Manastha provides the best online/offline webinars, seminars, trainings in the domain of Mental Health. We cover all the mental health topics in our different programs.

Personalized and Interactive Programs

Our Experienced and Dedicated experts will the personalized and interactive approach to make the seminars more practical experiential based.

Workshops for your COrporates – 2 Samples + Many more like this

Conduct the Most Impactful Mental Health Workshops in Your Organization

We are ready to give you the Quality services that you have been seeking. Manastha believes in Elite Training Approaches to give a long-lasting impact on your Employees and Organization.

Mental Detox Webinars – Online Workshops for your Corporate

  • Mental Health Workshops and Training Program for Your Corporate.
  • Focus on Healing Stress, Increasing Productivity, Emotional Resilience, Work-Life Balance and Motivation
  • Top Modalities to Bring Inner Harmony in the Collective Consciousness of Your Corporate.
  • Raise the Mindfulness Bar of Your Employees.

Keep your Mind Relaxed, Engaged and Productive

No matter their location, Clients receive immediate support for what matters most to them.


Regular Reports about Sessions to HR

Top Mental Health Experts

Mental Health Assessments

We’ve Got You Covered

Personalized Therapy

Personalized Therapy will be given to Employees. The same Therapist will be assigned every time one seeks for therapy.

Confidential & Private

Employees Details will remain confidential and private so that they can express themselves freely without any fear.

Regular Reports

HR will be provided with the sessions report and major highlights of the sessions will be shared with them. Client confidentiality will be maintained.

Therapy For All

Therapy for Employees, Executives, and Senior Managers. 


Manager consultation service

Managers can consult or Refer sessions.

Risk Management

 ☑ Critical incident support
☑ Disaster response
☑ Dispute resolution services

Self Help Tools

Best Tools to Promote Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being.


Free Clinically Researched and latest mental health assessments worth Rs. 2 Lac plus Free.

Psychological assessments

Manastha Mental Well- Being Evaluation

For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with Depression, Sadness, Anxiety, or other stress related issues. Is it serious ?

Note: Our Psychology assessments are not meant to diagnose, but rather to help you understand whether certain mental health or emotional issues may be of concern to you. It will be a guide to your therapy and to your own self-evaluation.

Get Started To Know Yourself

Personalized Analysis and Report Generation. Take the Assessments Now.

Best Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider PAN INDIA

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☑ Customized Mental Health Packages for Your Organization
☑ Online/offline Therapy Services for Employees
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Certified Psychologists 24×7
☑ Best Corporate Trainers in India

Best solutions to enhance the well-being of companies and employees.


Mental and Emotional Health should be your priority

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